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Consuming ASMX web services from Silverlight and WPF November 20, 2008

Posted by koolkatblog in ASP.NET.
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I have just started writing some applications in Silverlight and WFP. I have many existing ASMX web services that I still need to use. Here is how you go about it.

For Silverlight:

1. Add a Service Reference to your Silverlight project . For my example, I called it ServiceReferenceTest1

2. In your code where you want to make the call, add the following code.
    (Intellisense will help).
    One note: The call must be asynchronous

   ServiceReferenceTest1.Service1SoapClient proxy = new ServiceReferenceTest1.Service1SoapClient();         

   proxy.HelloWorldCompleted +=
           new EventHandler(proxy_HelloWorldCompleted);


3. Provide the event for the completion of the asynchronous call.
    This example just returns the string “Hello World”.

    void proxy_HelloWorldCompleted(object sender,
          StationCasinosPostCards.ServiceReferenceTest1.HelloWorldCompletedEventArgs e)
       String result = e.Result.ToString();


Calling ASMX Web Services from Javascript using AJAX November 19, 2008

Posted by koolkatblog in ASP.NET.
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This is an example of how you can call a web service from your javascript using AJAX.

1. To begin, create a new AJAX enabled website.

2. Add a class to your project. Call it Pizza.cs and add the following code:

public Pizza(string name, string desc, double cost)
     this.m_name = name;
     this.m_desc = desc;
     this.m_cost = cost;

private string m_name;
private string m_desc;

private double m_cost; public string name { get { return this.m_name; }set { this.m_name = value; } }
public string desc { get { return this.m_desc; } set { this.m_desc = value; } }
public double cost { get { return this.m_cost; } set { this.m_cost = value; }

2. Add a web service to your project. Call it PizzaPlace.asmx and add the following 2 methods:

public int GetLocationCount(int zipCode)
     int locations = 0;

     switch (zipCode)
     case 89128:
          locations = 5;
     case 89118:
          locations = 7;

     return locations;

public List<Pizza> GetDeals()
     List<Pizza> pz = new List<Pizza>();
     Pizza p1 = new Pizza(“Pepperoni Special”, “Large Pepperoni”, 9.99);
     Pizza p2 = new Pizza(“Vegetarian”, “Large Mushroom, Onions, Peppers, Olives”, 10.99);

     return pz;